Gel Nails - What are they?

Gel Nails - What are they?

What are gel nails?

Gel polish, nail polish, Breathable polish… It all gets a bit confusing but don’t worry, we’re here to answer that burning question;

What are gel nails?       

In short, gel polish results in a longer lasting manicure compared to traditional nail polish and breathable polish. In order to last longer, gel polish uses photo initiators in LED and UV nail lamps to set and dry the polish for a hard-wearing finish. 

Our 100% gel, vitamin infused gel formula promotes healthy nails with a superior shine.

What are the benefits of gel nails?

  • A longer lasting finish, ORLY Gel FX lasts for up to 3 weeks
  • Hard wearing
  • Quick dry
  • Added strength compared to nail polish
  • High shine finish, our Orly gel fx top coat is a beautiful high shine topcoat.

About Orly Gel Polish:



ORLY Professional Lacquer feature the Patented Gripper Cap for a sleek ergonomic design, professional choice for easy opening and precision performance and the New 600 Bristle Genius Brush, easy application with a new shape that fans out to fit the cuticle. Delivering a smooth, even beautiful finish, every time. 

2am London Gel Polish:


Brace yourselves, 2AM London is here at Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty. This hot new gel polish brand is taking no prisoners, they’re all about being in control; about knowing what you want and how you get it - at work, at home, at play.

Drop the lame gels and pick up 2AM London gel polish, they know nails and they’re not afraid to shout about it. They know what’s hot, what’s not, what works in the office, at a party or at who-knows-where at 2AM, these little gel bottles are bursting with attitude, each with a unique name that is sure to make you do a double-take.

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