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Aromatherapy Bergamot Soy Candles - Handmade

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Aromatherapy Bergamot Soy Candles - Handmade

Welcome to The Pure Scent Handmade Candles 

A minimalist candle made out of 100 % pure soy wax and that can only mean one thing: A pure, clean, and lasting burn. Hand-poured in small batches in Walthamstow -E17.

This listing is showcasing our wonderful Aromatherapy Bergamot Candle:

Bergamot Essential Oil is extracted from the bergamot peel by cold-pressing. The oil has a pale yellow to orange colour which is watery in viscosity. Bergamot oil has a similar scent to orange, however, the aroma is much more crisp and fresh, it is bursting with sweet citrus aromas.

Health Benefits of Aromatherapy and Bergamot Essential Oils:

Bergamot essential oil, with its clean and refreshing citrus fragrance, is an effective antidote against depression, anxiety, urinary tract infections and nervous indigestion. The oil has a balancing and toning effect on the nervous system which makes it effective against psychological disturbances as well as painful spasms. Bergamot is also used in the treatment of all kinds of infections owing to its strong antiseptic properties.

You will receive our lovely candle in a natural Craft box with a tag and string around it. If you buy a pack of 6 mini soy Aromatherapy Bergamot candles, then it will come wrapped in branded tissue paper.

======ABOUT SOY WAX ======

We encourage you to have a first burning time of 3-4 hours (1-2 for mini candles) and do not leave your candle unattended. Remember, your first burn is the most important part of your candle's life, so make sure you have a full melt pool before you light out your candle.

Soy candles are different from paraffin candles, therefore, bear in mind you will have a more subtle scent being released for a longer period of time.

Also, please note that soy wax is a clean and natural wax. Rough tops after burning might be expected but once relit it will return to its nice melt pool.

===== OTHER INFO ======

Approximate Burning Times:

Mini Tin - 10-14 Hours
Tin - 28 Hours
White Glass - 45 Hours
3 Wick Large Glass - 60 Hours


50g Mini Tin - 48mm Diameter x 30mm Height
100 g Tin Size - 64mm Diameter x 45mm Height
250 g White Glass - 78mm Diameter x 93mm Height
450 g 3 Wick White Glass - 125mm Diameter x68mm Height

Approximate Net Weight:
Mini Tin - 50g
Tin: 100g
Glass: 250g
3 Wick Large Glass: 450g

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