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Medik8 Nourishing Body Cream - 250mls

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Medik8 Nourishing Body Cream - 250mls

Envelop your skin in this Medik8 Nourishing Body Cream, a deeply hydrating body lotion to transform dry, dehydrated skin.


Medik8s signature Moisture Magnets and natural glycerin keep water locked in tight for all-day comfort and hydration. Meanwhile natural cocoa butter lavishes skin with emollients to keep skin soft and supple.


The sumptuous formula helps to improve skin tone and elasticity, smoothing dry, rough patches while restoring the skins natural protective barrier.

How It Works

Nourishing Body Cream combines an indulgent texture with a cutting-edge formulation using intelligent Moisture Magnets

Cocoa butter cream blends in quickly to rebalance the bodys natural protective barrier. This helps to block water-loss from the upper layers of the skin. 

Medik8s signature Moisture Magnets are hydrators which bind to skin cells. They then draw moisture to themselves from the lower layers of the skin and the surrounding atmosphere. The skins surface is left supple, smooth and hydrated.

How To Use

Every morning and evening, massage Nourishing Body Cream into dry skin using gentle circular motions. 

Perfect for rehydrating after bathing or showering. Follow with sunscreen if required.

Patch testing prior to use is advised. Refer to for an in-depth guide to patch testing.


Moisture Magnets

Medik8s signature hydrators bind to skin cells and grab onto water to lock moisture in tight where it is needed the most.

Natural Glycerin

Glycerin gets to work as a natural humectant, trapping water within the skin to leave it quenched and comfortable.

Cocoa Butter

A rich moisturiser to lavish skin with emollients, restoring its natural protective barrier to keep hydration locked in.


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