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Medik8 Pore Minimising Tonic

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Medik8 - Pore Minimising Tonic - 100mls

Advanced Texture Refiner

Transform the texture of your skin with Pore Minimising Tonic.


This purifying post-cleanse solution works to keep pores clear and minimised over time.


The refreshing tonic improves skin tone and texture; leaving a flawless base and naturally healthy glow. The result is a smooth and luminous complexion. 

 Key Benefits

Shrink Pores

A refreshing tonic solution that easily sweeps across the skin and absorbs instantly. Utilising AHAs to control oil production and decongest the skin; allowing pores to shrink back to their original size.


With a natural spearmint fragrance, the twice-daily tonic is a long-lasting solution to enlarged pores. Skin feels hydrated thanks to water-loving hyaluronic acid while also looking smooth, refined and visibly more youthful.

Antioxidant Protection

Alpha-lipoic acid also provides essential antioxidant protection, preventing enlarged pores caused by natural skin ageing.

How It Works

Exfoliation is absolutely vital for a youthful-looking, clear and visibly pore-free complexion. Pore Minimising Tonic harnesses the power of not 1, but 2 exceptional exfoliating acids to clear out debris from pores. When pore blockages occur from mixtures of sebum and dead skin cells they can often stretch out the pores, leading to a more noticeable appearance on the complexion. 

Mandelic and lactic acids promote a smooth and even skin texture; ideal for flawless make-up application. 

Red clover extract tackles the other main cause of enlarged pores: excess sebum production, by blocking the enzyme which produces sebum to regulate the skins oil levels. Misshapen pores can also result from the ageing process, as skin starts to sag and lose elasticity. 

Alpha-lipoic acid provides essential antioxidant protection to prevent premature ageing caused by free radicals. This keeps collagen and elastin intact and leaves pores taut and youthful-looking.


How To Use

Every morning and evening, apply Pore Minimising Tonic to a facial pad and sweep across the face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area.

Patch testing prior to use is advised. Refer to for an in-depth guide to patch testing.



Red Clover Extract

An exceptional botanical pore minimiser, red clover extract helps reduce sebum production, enhances cellular turnover and acts as a natural astringent to minimise the appearance of pores.

?L-Mandelic Acid

A softly exfoliating AHA with BHA power, chirally correct mandelic acid is able to work both on the surface of the skin and within pores for a deep but gentle exfoliation.

?L-Lactic Acid

A gentle AHA that gently exfoliates the upper layers of skin, while deeply hydrating for a nourished and cared for complexion.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

A potent antioxidant, ALA protects the skin from premature ageing caused by the environment and UV rays. It can prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin to protect the skins delicate structure, for a firmer complexion and taut pores.



Boost the results of Pore Minimising Tonic

Visit a Medik8 specialist for a detailed skin consultation and experience one of our transformative Pore Refining treatments.


Pore Refining Facial

A skin perfecting facial treatment with a 360 degree targeted approach to tackle the appearance of enlarged pores. Advanced charcoal and moringa extract work in synergy to gently break down blockages. Skin's natural elasticity is rebooted for a flawless, smooth complexion.

Universal AHA Professional Skin Peel

Suitable for everyone and any skin concern, this peel visibly brightens, smoothes, decongests and revitalises the skin. Ideal for a first time peel or to maintain results from other peels.



The Science Behind


Often derived from almonds, mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which also has properties of beta hydroxy acids (BHA). Both water and oil soluble, the acid can absorb into pores to breakdown blockages of sebum and skin cells, while also working on the upper surface to gently buff away dead skin. This leaves the complexion resurfaced and the pores decongested. Fine lines are smoothed while a luminous glow is achieved. As a large molecule, mandelic acid is not able to penetrate as deeply as glycolic acid, meaning it is a much better option for sensitive skin.



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