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Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse -150mls

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Medik8 - Surface Radiance Cleanse - 150mls

Resurfacing AHA/BHA Mangosteen Cleansing Gel

Discover Medik8s best-selling cleanser. This refreshing cleanser includes an exfoliating AHA/BHA complex for a deep cleansing & pore refining experience.


Gently renews and purifies skin to reveal a soft, radiant complexion.


Skin is left soft to the touch, brighter and noticeably younger-looking 


Radiant Complexion

This purifying cleanser uses both AHA and BHA power to gently break down impurities and slough off dead skin, to reveal a radiant complexion.


The resurfacing cleanser is infused with an exfoliating blend of mandelic, lactic and salicylic acid, which have been selected for their gentle yet effective anti-ageing results.


When added to water, the gel cleanser transforms into a hydrating lather with an uplifting citrus aroma.

Antioxidant Protection

Infused with mangosteen and raspberry extracts the cleanser provides natural antioxidant protection and increases skin barrier function.


How It Works

 Surface Radiance Cleanse, gently renews and purifies skin to reveal a soft, radiant complexion.

AHAs L-mandelic acid and lactic acid, work on the upper layers of the skin to free dead skin cells so they can be easily exfoliated away.

Salicylic acid, a BHA, penetrates deeper into the pores to help break down blockages which can lead to enlarged pores and blemishes. By gently exfoliating the upper layers of the skin, the skin cell renewal cycle is supercharged, leaving a fresher, clearer complexion. This also helps to soften the appearance of wrinkles, 

Glycerin hydrates and replenishes skin to minimise fine lines.

Mangosteen peel extract provides superior antioxidant power to protect the skin from harmful free radicals, while infusing an revitalising citrus scent.


How To Use

Every morning and evening, apply Surface Radiance Cleanse into the palm of the hand and massage into moistened face and neck.

For sensitive or dry skin, use up to once a day or whenever a deeper cleanse is required. 

Gently remove by splashing with water and pat face dry.

Boost the results of Surface Radiance Cleanse

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